Information Governance & Standards

1.  HIPAA Privacy Forms

Posted 06-15-2017 10:43
I have a question regarding the HIPAA form.  Is there any reason this form would need to be completed for each level of care?

We are a critical access hospital and acquired the CAH software back in 2014. Originally, without this software the pateint had a chart for ED, a chart for IP, and a chart for SNF, so with each level of care change, a new HIPAA privacy form had to be completed.

With the CAH software, the chart follows the patient throughout their stay. We have not changed our process of having the form redone when the patient goes from ED to IP.  Do we need to do this since the chart now follows the patient?  This form can be updated at any time.

Any comments/suggestions greatly appreciated.



2.  RE: HIPAA Privacy Forms

Posted 06-21-2017 14:19

Hi Pamela:  No,it is not be necessary to have a different HIPAA form for each level of care.  You are correct that with your new electronic record and everything following the patient throughout their stay, one form is sufficient. 

Elizabeth Rockendorf
Program Director, HIMT