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Outpatient chart auditing and query software and processes

  • 1.  Outpatient chart auditing and query software and processes

    Posted 05-28-2020 16:55
    I am working on the formation of an outpatient CDI program that is geared to professional services in the out patient clinic settings and specialty clinics. I have traditionally done audits in previous positions on paper as it was for a small clinic. I am now looking at auditing multiple clinics and providers over time and need to find software that can assist with the process and allow for me to run reports from. Our inpatient CDI team is utilizing Optum CAC which works great for inpatient, but not so much for outpatient as it cannot audit the chart for E/M from what we have seen.

    I also need to beef-up and uniform the query process for outpatient queries to providers for pre and post billing queries.

    Is anyone doing outpatient CDI and come across solutions for electronic auditing and reporting or query solutions?

    Andrea Greathouse
    Provider Liaison- CDI
    Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids