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Telemonitoring / Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) resources?

  • 1.  Telemonitoring / Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) resources?

    Posted 10-08-2018 15:16
    I am a health/nursing informatics PhD student at NYU. I'm currently working with a student team, mostly future nurse practitioners, to explore and understand the potential of telemonitoring/RPM technology. Our key patient population of interest is adults with CHF. We will be exploring patient opinion of the technology, provider interest in the technology, and health impacts of the technology on health systems and patients.

    Telehealth reimbursement is tricky to understand due to some of the Medicare restrictions (e.g. rural areas only). I am aware of new CPT codes coming out that may broaden its reach. I am basically trying to find out more about what kinds of scenarios would be reimbursed by these new codes (as well as the existing ones).

    I am curious if anyone here could assist with any of the questions listed below. If a phone call would be easier I would be happy to arrange one.

    1. What types of clinical scenarios using telemonitoring are currently reimbursed? (CPT 99091).  Also, what are the challenges?
    2. How will the new RPM CPT codes broaden telemonitoring's reach?
    3. What kinds of services can be considered billable with the new (pending Medicare approval) HCPCS codes ?
    • Virtual Check-Ins, officially titled "Brief Communication Technology-Based Service"
    • Asynchronous Images and Video, officially titled "Remote Evaluation of Pre-Recorded Patient Information"
    • Peer-to-Peer Internet Consults, officially titled "Interprofessional Internet Consultation."
    4. Any professional resources (webinars, conferences) available to help understand the potential and current reimbursement?
    5. Success stories from any facilities using remote patient monitoring?

    Thank you,

    Lisa Groom, RHIA, RN
    MS/PhD Student at NYU College of Nursing