Information Governance & Standards

1.  Accounting of Disclosures

Posted 09-29-2017 13:33
We are looking for ways to make our accounting of disclosures more efficient.  I would appreciate any information regarding who, in your organizations, has the responsibility to provide this information to patients.  It would also be helpful to know if those lists are compiled from multiple sources or a centralized system.

For those who use multiple tracking systems, I'd be interested to know how you ensure that all disclosures are included when an account is requested..


Scott Valentine, RHIA, CHPS, CHC
Compliance and Privacy Officer

2.  RE: Accounting of Disclosures

Posted 10-08-2017 15:55
At my facility, HIM is responsible for gathering the request for disclosures.  We then distribute it to any BA's so they can release their accounting.  We do not have a centralized listing and only HIM tracks their disclosures for both other purposes and TPO.

Jesse Floyd, RHIA