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Release of 302 Involuntary Commitment Documents

  • 1.  Release of 302 Involuntary Commitment Documents

    Posted 10-19-2018 11:50
    ​​We are not a psychiatric facility.  How do other non-psych facilities handle involuntary commitment paperwork?  Specifically:
    1. So you include Voluntary and Involuntary Commitment Paperwork in your legal health record?
    2. If you do, do you release to the patient
    3. How do you handle documentation throughout the medical record that references the 302 involuntary commitment that names family members that have initiated the involuntary commitment. 

    I ask because we have a recent request from a patient you wants a complete copy of her health record for a recent ED visit in which her family tried to have her involuntary committed.  She was transferred from our facility to an IP psych facility.  The patient does not know why or how she was committed to an IP Psych facility and wants to read her record to find out why.  I can rationalize not giving her the 302 paperwork..but nursing and doctors both document throughout her medical record that it was her sister that was initiating the process.  So, I am struggling with giving her a copy of her records because of concern that she may have a significant problem with this information. She is quite agitated in just speaking with us without even gaining a copy of her records.  WOULD LOVE ANY ADVICE..THANKS IN ADVANCE!

    Stacey Goodenough
    Manager of Medical Records / Privacy Officer
    Wayne Memorial Hospital