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Records seized by Law Enforcement

  • 1.  Records seized by Law Enforcement

    Posted 03-12-2018 19:56
    ​​We have a local specialist provider that has been arrested and his medical records seized. We are trying to find a way to obtain these records to continue to care for our patients that we are the primary care provider in order to continue care to the best of our ability.

    Does anyone have any experience trying to access records that have been retained by law enforcement?  I'm not sure what our options or rights are in this case.

    Lisa Craig, BSHI,RHIA
    Health Information Services Director
    Shasta Community Health Center

  • 2.  RE: Records seized by Law Enforcement

    Posted 03-13-2018 08:38
    Have you approached the law enforcement agency and asked if you can substitute certified copies of the records?   Or asked if you can come in and copy critical documents?   I would try an approach such as this first.  If it does not work, then you may have to seek legal counsel and obtain a court order for access.

    Another option is to try and determine what key components of the records may have electronic backups that could be utilized...

    Nancy Davis, MS, RHIA, CHPS
    Director of Compliance & Safety
    Door County Medical Center

  • 3.  RE: Records seized by Law Enforcement

    Posted 03-13-2018 13:17
    I agree with Nancy 100%.
    Good luck!

    Kathryn Boyes
    Director, HIM