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Clinical Documentation Improvement Statistics ?

  • 1.  Clinical Documentation Improvement Statistics ?

    Posted 07-19-2018 18:12
    Do any of you who currently have CDI programs have any statistics to support the implementation of a CDI program in your organization that you would be willing to share  ?  I am really pushing for a CDI program and need to come up with a value (ROI) to the organization. At the same time I want to keep the focus on provider education/patient rather than strictly  on the financial piece.  I am trying to satisfy both the hospital and the providers so if any of you have any provider stories of improvement in satisfaction/ less work/ better documentation that you would be willing to share - that would be great !   Our providers have been begging for education and I need to come up with a plan that would help educate and offer feedback to them on a continual basis. I ideally would like to lessen their load and their frustration levels.

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