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2019 Self Review Booklet

  • 1.  2019 Self Review Booklet

    Posted 04-26-2019 12:34

    A great option would be for the software to have the functionality of a 'save for later/return to' option like many exams or surveys have. It's very frustrating to have your answers lost when the software times out or you have to close it before you finish. It was a great option to be able to print the quiz and have the ability to research answers and enter them on-line. I don't want to mail mine in, so it's  not at all about being paperless, it's more about efficiency and getting the most out of the self-exam.

    Diane Peterson
    Cdi Technician
    St. Luke's Hospital

  • 2.  RE: 2019 Self Review Booklet

    Posted 04-26-2019 12:48
    I was quite frustrated retaking my CCS self review after it timed out twice!​ :( Luckily I took it first. My CCS-P, didn't time out on me.

    Jessica Boone
    Ip Coder

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    Posted 05-16-2019 08:08
    ​Hi all,
       well you should know that you cannot send in a paper forms or you won't get your ceu credits

    Barbra Washington
    Outpatient Coder
    Ochsner Foundation Hospital

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    Posted 06-06-2019 14:29
    Hi, I don't know about the rest of the group, but I like to print out the booklet, do my test and take it on line.  I stopped sending it in by mail when you could do it on line.  This way if I have time at work, or at home I can take the test at my own pace.  So please put the booklet on line so I can print it out.  I really do not like to take an on line exams with out being able to skip a question and be able to go back to it.

    Deborah Farwell
    Fraud, Waste and Abuse Auditor

  • 5.  RE: 2019 Self Review Booklet

    Posted 06-07-2019 01:08
    Hi Debra -
    Are you looking for where to find the booklets on the AHIMA website so you can download and print them?  If you are, go here:
    Look on the right side of the screen and you'll see a header that says "Quick Links".  Look beneath that and you'll see "2019 Self Reviews" then click on the one you want.
    AHIMA apparently buried the booklets in this unlikely location as a practical joke to make it difficult for members to find them.  At least, that's the only expalanation I can think of.
    Good luck!

    Linda Holtzman, MHA, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P

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    Posted 29 days ago
    Hey Linda,

    Thank you very much for this info on where to find the 2019 CCS Self-Review booklet! You saved me a lot of time and serious frustration. Thank you for your post! I hope I have a chance to pass it on to one of my colleagues.

    Paul Rugenstein, RHIT, CCS

    Paul Rugenstein
    Corporate Coding Business Services Specialist

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    Posted 29 days ago
    ​Hi Linda,
    Thank you for posting this. I do not code that much so I use this to keep my skillset going. You just never know what the future holds.

    Teresa Mathews
    Coding Assistant
    Premier Bone and Joint Centers

  • 8.  RE: 2019 Self Review Booklet

    Posted 28 days ago
    Debra - Thanks so much for the Quick Links tip for the self reviews! So much easier to print them and review them as time allows. Time is at an premium at work and when I get stressed about other things I can do a few questions and get my mind on something else. Plus I can review and learn better.

    It's the little things that make me happy!

    Beth Kosman, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P
    HIM Director/Privacy Officer
    Compliance Officer
    Ringgold County Hospital
    Mount Ayr, Iowa

  • 9.  RE: 2019 Self Review Booklet

    Posted 26 days ago
    Thank you.  Found it.

    Joyce Judkins
    Outpatient Compliance Coding Auditor