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  • 1.  Modifiers

    Posted 04-27-2017 17:43
    I'm needing clarification on Q8, Q9 modifiers. If there are two class b findings I know it's a Q8, and if it's one class b and two class c's a Q9, but what if you have 4 class b's and 3 class c's? Is that a Q9?  Help is appreciated.

    Miranda Seal
    Medical Biller

  • 2.  RE: Modifiers

    Posted 04-28-2017 12:26

    The Q8 and Q9 modifiers are in  relation to procedures performed for nail and foot care.  We have used them at our facility let me know specific type of clarification you need.

    THank you,

    Krystal Lloyd
    Director Health Information
    Boone County Hospital

  • 3.  RE: Modifiers

    Posted 03-13-2018 15:08

    Can you please help with clarity on absent pulses specifically. The requirement states for a class B findings:  

    Absent posterior tibial pulse;

    • Advanced trophic changes as: hair growth (decrease or increase), nail changes (thickening), pigmentary changes (discoloration), skin texture (thin, shiny), skin color (rubor or redness); and
    • Absent dorsalis pedis pulse.

    Does this mean that each pulse on each foot qualifies for a "B" or it has to be in relation to each foot. So if a patient has both dorsalis pedis pulses missing it only qualifies for 1 "B" and not 2.  Or that if a patient has both absent posterior tibial pulse and Absent dorsalis pulse on one foot it only qualifies for 1 "B" and not 2.

    Nicole Goins
    Billing and Coding Team Lead