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HELP! Mailing labels placed over EKG results

  • 1.  HELP! Mailing labels placed over EKG results

    Posted 07-11-2019 17:40

    ​​​Hello -

    I'm a BRAND new compliance manager at a small health system.  Someone reported to me that nurses were putting mailing labels at the top of the EKG results/printouts because it was too time consuming to enter the patient name.  The problem is, these labels were covering up many of the details, including the patient identifiers and the EKG.  This is what was scanned into the medical record and the ONLY copy we have.​​

    My question is - how big of a problem is this from a documentation standpoint?  What laws/regs/statutes were violated?  I'm working on a policy and training to fix the issue, but how far do I need to go back to fix this? 



    Sarah Jackson
    Compliance Manager

  • 2.  RE: HELP! Mailing labels placed over EKG results

    Posted 07-12-2019 00:26
    I encounter that problem often. I also work at a small health system and the nurses do the same thing. Once I realized that reminding them of policy about it wasnt working, I dont even bother. I print out a new one from the EKG system, if I need to.

    Consquela D. Latson, RHIT
    Health Information Coordinator
    Liberty Regional Medical Center