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1.  Excuse notes with or without ROI's

Posted 3 days ago

Are other offices requiring patient to sign an ROI when an excuse note is given to the patient at the time of visit?  Are you requiring an ROI if patient comes back later for a file copy of a previously issued excuse note?  Or is an ROI even required at all?  Would the process be different in a medical clinic and a counseling/behavioral health clinic, or the same?  Who is responsible for completing the excuse notes with associated ROI's, if needed, in your offices? (i.e. nursing staff, counseling staff, front desk staff, or HIM)  Thank you so much for your feedback!

Carol Taber
Health Information Coordinator II

2.  RE: Excuse notes with or without ROI's

Posted 2 days ago
We definitely do not require an autho for return to work or return to school forms when given to the patient.   The only time there is anything problematic with these is when the employer or school which receives the form questions the accuracy and wants us as the provider to verify.  We will NOT do this without patient authorization.   Yes, there have been times when the employee/student has changed the number of days off.   We do not allow ourselves to get caught up in the middle of that.

Nancy Davis, MS, RHIA, CHPS
Director of Compliance & Safety
Door County Medical Center

3.  RE: Excuse notes with or without ROI's

Posted yesterday
​SLHS does that same as Nancy stated.  Many things are provided to the patient at the visit level - AVS - after visit summary, sometimes lab, as well as return notes.  An authorization is never obtained and the provider or NP usually are the ones that complete these notes.  After a visit if a note is needed, the pt. will contact the provider who will initiate a note and pt. can come pick it up.  Again no Authorization is required unless as you stated, another person is picking up on behalf of the patient.

Barb Beckett, RHIT, CHPS
System Privacy Officer
Saint Luke's Health System