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Drug Dependence Complicated and Uncomplicated

  • 1.  Drug Dependence Complicated and Uncomplicated

    Posted 03-14-2019 16:30
    Is there a Coding Clinic or other reference in regards to coding drug dependence and the difference between complicated and uncomplicated versus unspecified. I'm looking on the Internet to find a good article that I could use to explain it to my students, but if there is a coding clinic reference, please let me know.

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  • 2.  RE: Drug Dependence Complicated and Uncomplicated

    Posted 03-19-2019 11:46
    The best ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines or Coding Clinic reference involves the explanation of the word "with" or "in" as it pertains to the Index or Table.

    Please refer to Coding Clinic, 3rd Quarter, 2018, pages 6-7; 4th Quarter, 2017, page 79; and 2nd Quarter, 2016, page 36.   Pay special attention to the "NEC" rule, which is an exception.

    As it relates to "complicated" versus "uncomplicated" drug dependence, just the documentation of the term "alcohol dependence" allows the coder to assign F10.20, Alcohol dependence, uncomplicated, as directed by the Index.   For the other terms whereby the word "uncomplicated" is in the Index, such as intoxication or withdrawal, the provider must document the word "uncomplicated", again, as directed by the Index.

    As for the "complications" of drug dependence, the word "complicated" is not required.   Because of the word "with" in the Index, all the physician has to mention is the condition itself and it is automatically linked to alcohol dependence unless, of course, the physician explicitly documented that it was due to another cause whereby the automatic linkage is disqualified.

    Please view the listing in the Index below.   If your students embrace this "Coding 101" concept, they will be light years ahead of many others who don't.

    Please advise where I made a mistake.  I'm open to others weighing in and agreeing, if you wish.

    Blessing to you.

    Dependence (on) (syndrome) F19.20
    - with remission F19.21
    - alcohol (ethyl) (methyl) (without remission) F10.20
    - - with
    - - - amnestic disorder, persisting F10.26
    - - - anxiety disorder F10.280
    - - - dementia, persisting F10.27
    - - - intoxication F10.229
    - - - - with delirium F10.221
    - - - - uncomplicated F10.220
    - - - mood disorder F10.24
    - - - psychotic disorder F10.259
    - - - - with
    - - - - - delusions F10.250
    - - - - - hallucinations F10.251
    - - - remission F10.21
    - - - sexual dysfunction F10.281
    - - - sleep disorder F10.282
    - - - specified disorder NEC F10.288
    - - - withdrawal F10.239
    - - - - with
    - - - - - delirium F10.231
    - - - - - perceptual disturbance F10.232
    - - - - uncomplicated F10.230

    James Kennedy