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    Posted 09-14-2018 12:03
    ​When a patient requests  radiology reports to be taken or sent to a physician at another facility, we currently call the radiology department and they burn the images onto a CD.  When complete, we pick up the CD and either send it to the requested facility, or hold it for pick up by the patient.  The radiology director has recently become very adamant that HIM needs to take over the task of burning the CD's.   I am just wondering how other facilities handle this procedure, whether in HIM or Radiology.

    Karen Evans
    Him Director
    Yuma District Hospital

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    Posted 09-14-2018 12:45

    Our Radiology Department still does it and I am sure all hospitals in our geographic area (Chicago), the Radiology Dept burns the CD.  I have never heard of such a thing...

    Interesting to see what the "standard of practice" is...




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    Posted 09-14-2018 13:02

    Interesting . . .   The radiology director was quick to inform me that, if I were to check with other facilities, I would find that this is a HIM function, not a Radiology function. 


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    Posted 09-14-2018 20:28
    Our radiology department burns and handles the release although we plan to change that in the very near future to have HIM release the cd. Radiology will still burn the cd though and then deliver to HIM.

    Deanna Heinrich
    Director of Him/Privacy Officer

  • 5.  RE: Radiology CD's

    Posted 09-17-2018 06:45

    Our radiology department was responsible for burning radiology images but there was a disconnect after our HIM department moved off site.   As a result, we are working to move this function to HIM next week.   Our radiology department will continue to burn CD's in emergent situations when HIM is not staffed.


    Debbie Parenti, RHIT
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    Posted 09-17-2018 08:15
    ​Last year we took over burning CD's from Radiology.  Our decision was somewhat based on the fact that the facility only purchased one CD burner.  Historically, we had "shared" the responsibility.  If a patient presented to the HIM dept. for records and a CD of images we would provide them with both instead of sending them to radiology. Once the CD burner (and software) removed our ability to burn CD's in the dept. the decision was made to house the burner in the  HIM dept.  Radiology can still burn, but it burns in HIM.  All patients are directed to present to HIM for their CD. As a side note, it required an additional .25 FTE, maybe even a bit more.

    Stacey Goodenough
    Manager of Medical Records / Privacy Officer
    Wayne Memorial Hospital

  • 7.  RE: Radiology CD's

    Posted 09-17-2018 08:35
    ​We have a centralized release of information pick up area located in the lobby of the hospital.  Radiology burns the CDs and delivers it to the pick up area, where HIM releases it to the patients.  Pathology also delivers blocks/slides to this area so HIM can release them to the patient.

    Karen Thier
    Director, HIM

  • 8.  RE: Radiology CD's

    Posted 09-17-2018 09:35

    Good Morning – our organization is in the process of centralizing radiology CD/DVD burning and image "push" to our centralized release of information department.  First phase will be for our ambulatory division (approximately 65 community based clinics); hospitals likely to follow during 2019.  We believe this process will be a more efficient mechanism and better experience for requesting providers and patients.  It will allow for a fully complete request to be disclosed in a timely manner to requesters, rather than multiple hand-off's for images and records. 



    Stephanie Luthi-Terry, MA, RHIA, CHPS, FAHIMA

    Director, Enterprise HIM Integration • Health Information Management• Allina Health

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  • 9.  RE: Radiology CD's

    Posted 09-17-2018 09:59

    We have the ability from Release of Information to queue a CD to burn in radiology.  Imaging staff then place in the tube system back to HIM Department or if the patient is preferring to pick up there or after hours it remains in the Imaging Department and they release from the desk (we provide a copy of the authorization to Imaging for this purpose and patient again must present his/her ID).  We also process all of the legal requests for Imaging and they only complete legal certification documents.    With the this being a high volume area and only 1 clerical staff member to man the reception desk and assist patients who wanted copies of images, as an organization we felt it best from a customer service standpoint to have HIM process request for reports and/images.   Due to the cost of the "cube" that the CD is burned from, the equipment to do this remains in the Imaging Department and additional equipment was not added for HIM.  This process has worked out well and resulted in fewer patient complaints than before as there were definite delays when done in Imaging.



    Lana G. Smart Forbes

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    Privacy Officer

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