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    Posted 21 days ago
    ​​Hi All,
    At our Hospital, we have a staffing service that supplies our ER Physicians and Hospitalists.  There are a few of the ER Physicians who leave charts incomplete every time they staff the ER.  We use the electronic version of T-System, so they could logon and finish those charts after they leave, but these physicians will not return phone calls from the staffing service and have been taken off the schedule and their checks have been held.  They still will not complete these records and they are now delinquent.  We cannot bill these accounts due to the documentation being incomplete.

    Have any of you ever filed a complaint against physicians with the State Medical Board in these situations?  I am not sure what else to do.  This has been a longstanding issue with these same physicians.


    Kayla Hill, RHIA
    Director of Health Information/Privacy/CDI


    Posted 18 days ago
    ​We have this situation as well with our ER physicians, and this can also come up in the event of a physician's death.  Our procedure is after attempts have been made to have the physician complete the records, we submit them to the CQI committee where the records can be reviewed and/or discussed.  The CQI chairman can order the records filed incomplete.  I then scan in a document indicating that the CQI chairman has ordered the records filed incomplete due to . . . illness, death, physician not returning, etc. . .  I keep a log of this information as well just in case a physician returns so that they can complete the charts.  We had to do this with a physician who was out for a long illness, but when he returned, he was able to complete his records.  Our situation is primarily only regarding signatures, in the case of missing diagnoses, or other information, the CQI chairman may want to document more information into the chart.

    Angela Hittner
    Pike County Memorial Hospital