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1.  Mentor program

Posted 07-17-2017 14:21
I have done everything in my power to obtain some or any information re: student support and have hit one brick wall after another.
I've been given the wrong phone numbers to people who have no idea why I am calling them and on and on.
I was asked if I should be in this program and not another because I have my BSN! And this program is the good program!
I wish I had a dollar for the time I have spent seeking assistance because then I wouldn't have to work again.

2.  RE: Mentor program

Posted 07-17-2017 14:26
Sorry to hear that.  I can hear your frustration with the process.

What is your question?  Maybe I can help?  Kristen P is another great resource on this forum.

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3.  RE: Mentor program

Posted 07-17-2017 14:51
Edited by Kristen Piccirillo 07-17-2017 14:51
Hi Ann,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Mentor Match program.  The Engage Advisory Committee is working on some strategies to improve the program.  We are hoping that AHIMA CSAs will help promote and support the program so that more experienced professionals participate at both the national and local level.

i do know of an individual who has enrolled as a mentor that you may match well with.  I see that you are an RN and have a BSN.  This individual has a clinical background and currently works as a Clinical Documentation Specialist. He works with a lot of RNs and has some good insight on how someone with a clinical background can transition to HIT/HIM, coding, health informatics, and data analytics.  Even if you two don't live near one another, you can use email, phone or skype which typically works well for most people.  Private message me your email and contact information and I can forward it to him.

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4.  RE: Mentor program

Posted 07-18-2017 10:55
Unfortunately, Ann, I had a similar problem. I found there were no AHIMA mentors in my area or my professional interests or even willing to connect online. All last summer, before I began my core classes, I tried to find any sort of "job shadowing" experiences I could at my local hospitals and larger group practices. I could not find a one. It was upsetting, but I also realized HIM departments are stretched to the limit. That doesn't leave a lot of time for other activities, like mentoring.

As is so often the case, you have to take your career into your own hands. I am experienced at networking and building professional relationships, and that's what I'm doing now as a brand-spanking-new coder. I rely heavily on LinkedIn, state chapter meetings, and other professional organizations. I tell everyone I encounter that I'm actively seeking a new position and to introduce me to anyone they know in HIM roles. The folks here on Engage have been outstanding and really helped me with some of the tougher questions I encountered while studying for the CCS. I've become very active in my state organization and now serve on 3 committees. I'm setting up lunches and coffee with people I've met to further my connection reach.

Please feel free to connect with me here, on LinkedIn or privately.

Thank you!
Cindy Kibbe