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Documentation/billing guidelines Discharge Day Management - 99238 & 99239
0 8 hours ago by Caroline Ulintz, CCS,CCS-P
Preterm premature ROM without labor
1 8 hours ago by Katie Stienmetz, M.A.,CCS
Original post by Shirley Brodginski, MA,RHIT,CCS-P,CPMA, CPCD, CPEDC
Hospitalist billing
0 11 hours ago by Wanda K. Butcher, RHIT
Emphysema with COPD
18 13 hours ago by Jeannette S. Hernandez, CCS-P
Original post by Mishel D. Shockley, RHIA,CCS,MBA
99152 consciouse sedation
0 14 hours ago by Heather Desmond
Icd 10 pcs Liner/spacer used in revision of total knee prosthesis
2 14 hours ago by Kristi L. Pollard, RHIT,CCS,CPC, CIRCC
Original post by Bonita L Graves, CCS,ASSOCIATE BUSINESS SCIENCE
PSA Screenings
0 14 hours ago by Melissa Handberry, RHIT
Suture removal
3 18 hours ago by Joanne Johnson, RHIT
Original post by Cheryl E. Ervin, RHIT
Observation coding denials
2 19 hours ago by Leonta Julien-Williams, RHIT,CCS,CCDS, CPC, CEMC, CPCO, CHONC, CRC
Original post by Beverly M. Barbaro, RHIA
Timely Filling
2 yesterday by Elizabeth M Stewart, RHIA,CCS,CRCA, CSPPM
Original post by Morgan W Holt, RHIT
Ethical Dilemma
7 yesterday by Jodi Miller, RHIT,CCS
Original post by Heather J Copen, RHIA,CCS-P
Coding for Telemedicine
0 yesterday by Lori Johnson, RHIT
Documentation used for outpatient Rehab ICD10CM Dxes coding
6 2 days ago by Ann Kinney, RHIA,CCS
Original post by Pamela S. Riddle, RHIT,CCS
Wound Clinics
0 3 days ago by Brenda L. Jewett, CCS
5 4 days ago by Lori A. Sommervold, RHIA
Original post by Seth J Katz, MPH,RHIA,MPH,FAHIMA
Lumpectomy with reduction mammoplasty and LCD
0 4 days ago by Lisa L. Withers, RHIA,CCS
Hospital Sinus Balloon Coding Guidance
1 4 days ago by Shirley Brodginski, MA,RHIT,CCS-P,CPMA, CPCD, CPEDC
Original post by Veronique Van Hoof, CCA
Adenosine ecg
0 4 days ago by Tammy J. Webb, CCS
3 4 days ago by Elizabeth Guillot, CCA
Spinal Decompression and Fusion CPT
2 4 days ago by Jodi Miller, RHIT,CCS
Original post by Elizabeth Guillot, CCA
EGD with food removal
3 5 days ago by Sandra L Smith, CCS
Original post by Karen Kay A Gardose, CCS,RN
CCS or CCS-P Certificaiton
5 5 days ago by Jennifer L Horner, CCS,CPC, COC
Original post by Yolanda Jones
2 6 days ago by Nicole M Goins, CCA
Original post by Miranda Seal
Axillary incisional biopsy cpt
0 7 days ago by Tanesha R. Butler, RHIT,CCS
1 8 days ago by Nancy A. Alexander, CCS,CPC, CPC-P, CEMC
Original post by Pamela E. Gaddy, RHIT,CHPS
ICD-10 CM 2018 Code Book
4 9 days ago by Valerie A. Gielink, RHIT,CCS
icd 10 pcs code for denervation of bladder
4 10 days ago by Cristina Co, RHIA,CCS
Original post by Pat L. Geurts, RHIT
Diagnosis due to IV drug use
0 10 days ago by Kathy A. Completa, CCS
Obalon CPT codes
0 10 days ago by Kathleen Cariello, CCS
CPT - question regarding ncci bundling edit/ modifer 59
6 11 days ago by Pat L. Geurts, RHIT
Nebulizer Treatment
2 11 days ago by Mellissa Heimer, RHIT,CCS
Original post by Kimberly Roseberry, RHIT
(Condition) versus (Condition). Can I apply Guideline?
2 11 days ago by Robbie Rogers, RHIT
2 12 days ago by Damaris Deleon
Incident to Billing
0 12 days ago by MAUD LAWRENCE, CCA
Andrews Medical Coding School
1 12 days ago by Jennifer L Horner, CCS,CPC, COC
Original post by Rebecca Dunham
External Cause for FB causing corneal abrasion
2 12 days ago by Toni Hoeppner, RHIT
Suture Laceration PCS
1 12 days ago by Lawrence V Barr, CCS,MBA
Original post by Robin L Sewell, CDIP,CCS,CPC
Emphysema with COPD exacerbation due to Pneumonia
2 12 days ago by Magdala D Andre, RHIA,CCS,CCS-P
Original post by Karen Kay A Gardose, CCS,RN
Provider documentation and CAR-T therapy
0 13 days ago by Elisa Stamm Kogan, CDIP,CCS-P,MS, MHA
1 13 days ago by Beth S. Lape, CCS-P
Original post by Jeri L. Collins, RHIT,CCA
Obeservation and Inpatient billing
4 14 days ago by Nelda K. Laskey, RHIT
Original post by Kimberly Roseberry, RHIT
1997 general multi system exam guidelines for E/M coding
0 14 days ago by Jenna Schipper, RHIT
Core Documentation for Coding
14 14 days ago by Sheila R. Goethel, RHIT,CDIP,CCS
Original post by Wendy M Johnson, RHIT
How would you code suspect stroke recrudescence syndrome secondary to urinary tract infection?
2 14 days ago by Jennifer Ritter, RHIT,CCS
Original post by Pamela J. Schinke, RHIA,CCS,CTR
New executive function code 97127 billed by social workers?
0 17 days ago by sondra brassel, Masters Urban Studies and Planning,BS Interior Des
Observation Care Question
1 17 days ago by Rita H. Duschl, CCS-P
ICD-10-PCS: Declotting AV dialysis fistula or graft
4 17 days ago by Linda Holtzman, RHIA,CCS,CCS-P,MHA
Auditing Nonpar Practices
0 17 days ago by Sophia S Sotelo, CDIP,CCS,CCS-P
Articulating joint spacers
0 18 days ago by Karen Neal, RHIA,CCS,APPROVED I10CM/PCS
Remote Coding
7 18 days ago by Ermeise S. Baker, RHIT,CCS-P
Original post by Amber L Clouse, RHIT