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Starts: 02-18-2017
Location: Online Opportunity



The Journal of AHIMA is looking for volunteers who would like to write for either the magazine or its website. While we’d love it if you are interested in contributing as an author more than once or on a semi-regular basis, one-time authors are invited to apply as well. There are a variety of opportunities available. Volunteer authors do not need to have publishing experience (though it is a plus). The lists below indicate the specific writing opportunities for the Journal of AHIMA magazine and website.

Volunteers will work directly with AHIMA staff subject matter experts and Journal editors to facilitate, develop, and review an article. Those interested are strongly encouraged to review recent issues of the Journal and articles on for topics of interest, as well as to understand the tone of the publications. While writing for the magazine is more formal, those interested in writing for the website—specifically as guest blog contributors—are welcome to use a slightly less formal, more conversational writing style.

Magazine-based opportunities

The Journal of AHIMA serves as a professional development tool for health information managers. It keeps its readers current on issues that affect the practice of health information management. Furthermore, the Journal contributes to the field by publishing work that disseminates best practices and presents new knowledge. Articles are grounded in experience or applied research, and they represent the diversity of health information management roles and healthcare settings. Areas of the magazine that currently need contributors include:

  • Working Smart: Navigating Privacy and Security
  • Working Smart: Illuminating Informatics
  • Working Smart: Standards Strategies
  • Working Smart: Road to Governance
  • Coding Notes
  • Feature Articles (for more on submitting feature articles, see the volunteer opportunity “Journal Author: Submit Your Manuscript”)

Web-based opportunities

Writing for the Journal of AHIMA website,, is typically less formal in tone than writing for the magazine. The Journal is seeking volunteer authors interested in writing as guest contributors to various blogs. Authors are always invited to submit their own original manuscripts if they are interested in writing a feature article (please see the volunteer opportunity “Journal Author: Submit Your Manuscript”). All content posted to is public and authors are invited to share the URLs with others as part of their work. The blogs have a flexible word count with a length ideally ranging between 350-700 words. The Journal is looking for volunteers interested in writing guest posts for the following blogs:

If you have questions, please contact Assistant Editor/Web Editor Sarah Sheber at


Sarah Sheber
Assistant Editor/Web Editor